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Larva Game Studios
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Universities Relations


University Relations

Larva Game Studios is founded by individuals with years of studying and a core passion for games and creating them.  Gamers with an extreme passion for creating games for a living!

Now, as a company, finding the best person to fill any particular position must come with certain qualities, one who shares that same passion and has the proper skill sets, is always a challenge.  We understand that we are just part of a forever evolving ecosystem, and if we want to keep a consistent approach to game development over the years we need to maintain a close and healthy relationship with all of its core components.

That's why, we're always looking forward to collaborating closer with universities, and why we have opened a program that give students the opportunity to gain more experience in the field, as well as to develop their skill sets properly geared towards industry standards. With luck, we will also find young and enthusiastic talents with the fitting drive to bring on board to the Larva team.


Through internships, students are given the opportunity to work hands-on on real projects, solving the day-to-day real-life difficulties of making games. They'll be collaborating closely within a team of people from a variety of different disciplines. If the game sees light to the public it will surely be a nice addition to include the credits and experience that they have gained to their personal portfolio.

If you're interested in performing an internship in Larva Game Studios, tell your university to Contact us. We are also part of the Summers of Innovation held by Foro Consultivo, here you can be selected to preform your internship with us if you're a Mexican Student.

Universities in the Internship Program

These are the Universities in the Larva GS internship program so far. If you want to become an officially linked University Contact us.

ITESO Guadalajara ITESM campus GuadalajaraUAD UAD

Research & Development

Research & Development has to be a symbiotic collaboration between industry and academia, it helps professors and researchers understand better the needs and difficulties of making games, keeps them up to date with the industry standards, and allow researchers do a better thesis that gives us, as an industry, a step forward to solve common problems that will help to make better and more immersive games.



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