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Larva Game Studios
Lucha Libre AAA: Heroes del Ring
What We Do


Work for hire

We are a proven and experienced team based in the heart of Mexico. Backed up by individuals with years of industry experience and certified scrum masters. Set up for full service games development and experienced on a range of platforms ranging from PC, Wii, Xbox360, PS3, F2P and Browser based IPs. Due to our prime location being in Mexico, we are able to keep our production costs low and affordable, never sacrificing quality. As we are in the US central Standard Time Zone which makes working with North American and Latin American Publishers/Studios a delightful experience. All of our key management members are fluent in English. Try us!

Original IPs

We are now developing our first original IP, an original game for Xbox360 and Playstation 3. We have experience creating IPs, obtained during our Immersion Games era. If your're a publisher and wish to know more about Project LDOE, Contact us.


We are open to collaborations of all sorts. Larva games can add value to your next production through the expertise of our cost effective dev team and Mexico based development incentives.

We love working with other studios to bring their vision into reality on time and on budget. We are even open to sharing the risk if the opportunity is right.

If you ar looking for an experienced team for your game, contact our biz dev guy "Mike B" mike or Contact us through this web site.

Looking to develop a Casual or Social Game?

Larva Game Studios proudly announces its Casual and Social Games division Chocobanana Games. If you are targeting casual and social markets on devices such as iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch (IOS), Android, Facebook, Blackberry, this is your best option.

Chocobanana Games


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